Ironman 70.3 St. George

I shot the Ironman 70.3 race here in St. George on Saturday. It was a pretty chilly and rainy day and while it made riding on the back of a motorcycle a little uncomfortable, I love cloudy days here in So. Utah from a photography perspective.

Ninty-five percent of the time, we get those bright sunny days with tons of contrast, but every now and again we get the nice, soft light of a rainy day. It’s such a different environment to shoot and it’s nice to have that change of pace every once in awhile.

Here are some of my best shots from the day:


Utah must take action to protect our children

Far too often it takes tragedy to bring to light the need for change.

On March 4, 2013, David and Leslee Henson were enjoying a morning walk on Dixie Drive when they were both struck from behind by a suspected distracted driver.

David was killed in the accident and Leslee was left severely injured.

In the aftermath of that life-altering day, Leslee became a tireless advocate for stricter distracted driving laws in Utah. She spoke on Utah’s Capitol Hill in 2014 as Senate Bill 253 made its way through the legislature. Later that year, Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill, making it illegal to text or otherwise manually manipulate a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle in the state of Utah.

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Nature Conservancy focuses on protecting dwarf bear poppy

Officials from the Nature Conservancy were in St. George over the weekend to introduce members to the new White Dome Nature Preserve the non-profit group has established on River Road near the Southern Parkway.

The 800-acre parcel of land, purchased by the Nature Conservancy piece-by-piece over the past several years, is one of the last places in Washington County where the endangered, and currently blooming, dwarf bear poppy grows.

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Another Then and Now Gallery

I’ve filled up my sixth Then and Now gallery, you can view it by following this link:

Subjects in this one include Zions Bank, the corner of Tabernacle and 300 East, the residential area of Santa Clara, Springdale, Bluff Street, the St. George Temple and a whole lot more.

This project has been going on for over two years now, I’ve done over 90 of these, once a week since the project began. I search through the Spectrum’s negative archives, find images I can recreate and then try to find the exact same spots from which the original image were taken and take a new image that exactly duplicates the angle and scene of the original so you can see just how much (or how little) has changed since the first image was taken.

Valentine Peak

If you stand on the corner of 500 West and Center Street in Parowan on Valentine’s Day, the sun will rise directly over the center of one of the peaks in the mountains east of town.

According to an article written by Sandra D. Benson and posted to the City of Parowan’s website, Hyrum A. Hendrickson, who happened to live near that intersection, was the first Parowan resident to make the observation. As such, he is credited for naming the peak.

On Feb. 4, 1959, following a recommendation from Mayor Howard Joseph, Parowan’s City Council voted to make the name official.

There’s a trail that leads up to the peak, a climb of a little more than 2,000 vertical feet, from the 6,000-foot elevation of the valley floor up to the 8,050-foot elevation of Valentine Peak.

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The answer to our future, or a pipeline to nowhere?

The Lake Powell Pipeline might be the single greatest issue facing most of us living here and the hundreds of thousands of future residents of this part of Utah.

If it is built and growth falls short of projections, every Utah taxpayer may be saddled with the task of paying for a multi-billion dollar project we didn’t really need.

If it isn’t built and growth overwhelms us, we may find ourselves forced into drastic conservation measures, like replacing our lawns with decorative rocks, if we wish to avoid paying exorbitant prices for water.

Yet, curiously, far too many of our local leaders and those running for office are quiet on the issue.

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